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Providing you with the best outdoor living solution is our goal at Beyond Blue

With a decade of experience in the landscape industry with Next Level Lawn and Landscape, we recognize the growing demand for premium outdoor living spaces.  

Beyond Blue specializes in Pools, Outdoor Living and Suncoast Rooms, giving you outdoor living built better!



Dylan started his career in the social work environment, where he honed his people skills and developed a deep understanding of human interactions. Building on this foundation, Dylan pursued his Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha which he obtained in 2012.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Dylan made a bold decision over a decade ago to venture into entrepreneurship by establishing his own landscaping company.

Dylan prioritizes fostering strong relationships with both customers and employees, recognizing their value to the company’s growth and success.  He believes “Our guys in the field are the backbone of our company – without them none of this is possible, they always have been, and always will be the most important part of our company. Happy and respected field staff has a direct reflection on the standard of their work.”

In Dylan’s free time Dylan finds joy in embracing the outdoors, relishing the lake life, and mastering the art of BBQing. With his better half Sherry, and their two beautiful daughters, Everleigh and Irelyn.


Jeff comes to us with a vast array of skills, knowledge, and experience in a variety of different fields. He spent his early years working for a family-owned lawn care company, learning all about the business; everything from running a weed eater, to fertilizing, to winterizing. Later, he attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha for both his undergraduate and graduate program studies. After obtaining two Masters Degrees (MPA/MSW), he didn’t stop there! A short time after graduating, he continued his education and became a licensed Real Estate agent in the state of Nebraska.

Jeff heads our Nebraska Enclosures division as we move our way into the Omaha area. He brings years of experience in sales and customer service. Jeff’s upbeat personality, attention to detail, and follow-through make him a natural fit to take on this role. We could not be happier to have Jeff as a part of our team as he grows our Nebraska market.

“Approach every job as if it were one being done at your own home and pay attention to detail… The little things matter! “

In his free time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife (Heather) and their 5 kids. Jeff and Heather are their kids’ biggest fans at every one of their sporting events. Jeff also likes to continuously learn new skills and expand his knowledge base. Jeff prides himself on constantly learning new skills and developing new hobbies.


Jay brings over 8 years of landscape design expertise to Beyond Blue. Having honed his craft with leading landscape design & build firms, Jay founded his own firm before joining forces with us to elevate our outdoor living projects.

“At the center of every design project should be the customer, their needs, and their vision. I believe in creating a collaborative process where clients are active participants, ensuring that their desires and aspirations are not just met, but exceeded.” – Jay

Outside of work, Jay loves finding new nature hikes, nurturing his garden, and indulging in the art of fishkeeping.

We are thrilled to have Jay on board. With his commitment to customer-centric design and his collaborative approach, we’re eager to see him turn your landscape design dreams into reality.


Jason brings over 30 years of expertise in landscape design, installation, maintenance, and pool installation to Beyond Blue. With a successful landscape company under his belt, which he later transitioned into specializing in pool installations, Jason’s wealth of knowledge is invaluable to our team. With a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of landscape and pool installation processes Jason is adept at transforming visions into tangible and functional spaces.

As he leads our sales team, Jason’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each customer’s vision is brought to life. His commitment to understanding their desires is unwavering, making dreams a reality one project at a time.

“It is my goal to pay attention to every single detail for each customer and take the time in getting to know exactly what the customer is wanting to make that dream come true”.

In his free time Jason finds joy in spending quality time with his wife Carmen and their family. He is an avid outdoorsman, often found brainstorming new projects or enjoying the thrill of hunting. Jason’s dedication to excellence both professionally and personally makes him an invaluable asset to Beyond Blue.


Hunter brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of outdoor living and design, having spent over six years immersed in the landscape and construction industry. As a dedicated professional with a passion for creating stunning outdoor spaces, Hunter recently embarked on a new journey to specialize in outdoor living design, aiming to elevate clients’ dreams into breathtaking realities.
Known for exceptional communication skills, Hunter ensures that every project is executed seamlessly from conception to completion.

Driven by a mission to provide customers with top-quality outdoor living spaces, Hunter approaches each project with creativity, precision, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

In Hunter free time finds joy in the great outdoors. A true nature enthusiast, Hunter’s hobbies include fishing, hunting, and cheering on football teams. An avid fan of dirt track racing, Hunter also enjoys spending leisure time playing with a beloved canine companion.

With a blend of professional expertise and a genuine love for the outdoors, Hunter is committed to creating outdoor living spaces that not only meet but exceed expectations, bringing clients’ dreams to life one project at a time.


Cesar “just call Cesar” Medina has been working with Dylan for over 10 years and brings an immense amount of knowledge to Beyond Blue. Cesar has been directly involved in landscape installation for over 30 years and there is not much he has not seen. We are delighted we can continue to retain Cesar as his knowledge base and ability to train staff cannot be replaced. Customers quickly notice Cesar willingness to help and get customers the things they are looking for.

Attention to detail for each installation is extremely important, Cesar says!

In Cesar free time he is heavily involved in his local church and enjoys spending time with his 6 kids and wife.


Geraldo “Lalo” Salinas has been with Dylan for over 5 years. Coming to him after his move up from West Virginia, Lalo found a home at Beyond Blue.

He’s one of our foremen, manages and takes part in a wide range of installs from pool installations to retractable screens. Lalo’s professionalism and attention to detail cannot be matched and we could not be happier to have him a part of our team and manage crews. Lalo is always quick to lend a helping hand and if you see him as a part of your project you are lucky to have him.

In Lalo free time he enjoys spending time with his wife Brooke sons.


Jose Ortega has been with Dylan for over 10 years, and we are happy we are able to keep him. Jose brings his no nonsense approach to every install and always pushes to get jobs done on time. Jose is a wiz on any machine, and we are excited to keep him a part of our team. Jose treats every house like his own and we are just thrilled to have him apart of our team.

In his free time Jose enjoys spending time with his wife Katrina, his son and relaxing while BBQing!


Armando has been with Dylan for over 5 years. Coming to Dylan from the restaurant industry, Armando quickly learned and fell in love with the outdoor living area. Armando’s fun and loving personality is a joy to have on any project, and his ability to quickly improvise to get any project completed is unmatched.

In his free time Armando enjoys spending time with his wife Lori, son, and daughters!


Carmen comes to Beyond Blue Outdoor Group with many years of experience in hospitality. She is a natural fit to head up our marketing and customer experience relationships during and after each job. Her infectious personality and bright smile make her perfect for this role. You may see Carmen taking pictures, dropping off gift baskets, posting on social media, offering you a beverage of your choice in our design studio, involved in outreach, or following up after any installation to make sure you have whatever you need and the best experience possible.

Making sure each customer knows exactly how important they are to us is truly what I want to accomplish!

“A customer will always remember how you made them feel during the whole process from start to finish.”

In Carmen’s free time she enjoys spending time with her husband (Jason) and their family! Watching her children play sports is everything to her. Carmen also loves to be active, cook, and enjoy a glass of wine all while cherishing every moment with family and friends!


Sherry, a dynamic professional with over 20 years of diverse experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Real Estate, and Property Management, brings a wealth of expertise to the team at Beyond Blue. While her journey to Beyond Blue may not have been by choice initially, her commitment and dedication to the company’s growth and success are unwavering.

With real estate licenses in both Arizona and Missouri, Sherry seamlessly transitions between roles, stepping in wherever needed to ensure the company’s continued advancement. Whether it’s refining the store front location, collaborating closely with office staff, or strategizing with the marketing team, Sherry’s versatile skill set, and proactive approach keep operations running smoothly.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail and infectious warmth, Sherry’s presence is a valuable asset to Beyond Blue. Her genuine passion for providing top-notch service and her innate ability to connect with others make her an invaluable addition to the team, ensuring that every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

Building a good customer service experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design”.

In Sherry’s free time she enjoys spending time with Dylan and her two girls. She enjoys cooking, outdoor adventures and exploring all that KC has to offer.


Margarita (Maggie) Brings many years of experience in office work administration and customer service. She is an energetic, self-driven individual. She is not afraid to get hands on when needed, she is great with technology.  All about bringing the business’s future vision to life and treating ALL customers with respect and integrity. Always making sure business is to standards to provide an unforgettable experience and deliver quality most importantly.

“Committed to making sure every customer feels welcome and more inspired to make your outdoor living space a dream come true for you” -Maggie

Her degree and background knowledge in construction, business administration and being currently in school for real estate makes Maggie the perfect fit for our amazing Beyond Blue team. Providing a service needed at its best!

Maggie loves to spend time with her 2 yr. old daughter name Maizie on her free time.