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At Beyond Blue, we believe in bringing dreams to life. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a revolutionary experience through 3D landscape design. Our promise is to work with you through a collaborative process to bring your new landscape to life in a virtual 3D space before construction begins. Together, we navigate all of the potential possibilities to craft the perfect landscape for you and your family.


The Design Process
1. Design Consultation
a. Kickstart the process with a personalized on-site consultation with a designer to
understand your vision, preferences, and project goals.

2. Concept Design
a. After a thorough site analysis, the designer will dive into crafting the initial design
concept that includes everything you discussed at your initial consultation.

3. Concept Design Presentation
a. Join us at our design showroom to review the concept design. This meeting
gives you an opportunity to share your feedback and explore materials options.

4. Design Revision & Pricing
a. After fine-tuning your design, the project is sent to an estimator to assemble a
detailed proposal, providing a transparent breakdown of your investment.

5. Construction
a. Your project is transitioned from design to construction, where your dream
landscape comes to life with precision and care.

Let's Get

Build Your Outdoor Dream Living Space

Commercial Louvered Roof

Commercial Louvered Roof

Restaurant and other business owners love our LOUVERED ROOF system. Customers will use the patio more days of the year – increasing your seating capacity and driving up revenues.

You already know what a draw the patio is to your patrons. What if it also provided welcome shade from the blistering sun or an escape from the rain? Our LOUVERED ROOFS will cover almost any type of commercial patio (curbside, rooftop, entryway and courtyard). The pergola styling adds a touch of ambience and a comfortable experience for your guests.

Residential Louvered Roof

Residential Louvered Roof

Attention homeowners – you can finally have that covered deck without sacrificing light into your home. Close the roof and have the shade on the hot summer days. Open the roof and let the light shine in on cloudy and cold winter days. The Suncoast LOUVERED ROOF enhances the value of your home while you spend more time outside with family and friends. Instantly adjust the louvers for added sunlight or shade and protection over your swimming pool, deck, hot tub, BBQ and lounge area.

These custom built LOUVERED ROOFS can be powder coated white, brown, black, or custom color matched to any home.


The louver blade is a rigid plane of powder coated aluminum that does not rust or corrode, and is virtually maintenance free. They can be rotated to allow in as much (or as little) sun as you want. When the system is closed, the curved edges create an interlocking, watertight barrier to keep your space comfortable and dry.

The Rafters

The hollow rafters conceal the system’s motor and moving parts. They also hide wiring for lights, ceiling fans, entertainment systems, or anything else to customize your space. The integrated gutters whisk away rainwater to prevent flooding and damage to surrounding structures, keeping you comfortable and dry.

The Movement

Suncoast LOUVERED ROOFS are powered by Italian Gaposa motors. Unique to Suncoast is our internal motor, fitted inside the drive blade protecting it from the elements. A smart phone or remote control can select your desired amount of sun and ventilation with the touch of a button.